Nyhetsbrev påsken 2021

31. March 2021
Last week, Nesodden IF Bobcats has received official accreditation in the new Erasmus+ programme! This is fantastic news for the future of our club, it means that we will be able to organise 1-2 Lead4Peace projects per year for the next seven years.

Gøril Wold Wægger and Sjur Larsen have made a great effort in helping us acquiring the accreditation, so please send them all a big thank you!!
At the nation wide launch of the new Erasmus+ Programme last Wednesday, Gøril was part of the presentation. You can view the whole launch here https://erasmuspluss.no/…/lanseringskonferanse-erasmus… or approximately minutes 28-45 to see Gøril’s participation in particular.
For members of our club it means that they will have an opportunity to participate in a programme that could take you abroad. You will meet children from conflict areas, and spend a lot of time learning with and from each other, how others coped with growing up in areas where the scars of conflict continue to be visible. Playing basketball is mixed with daily workshops with themes such as conflict resolution, dialogue, collaboration and self-reflection. These trips are an experience for life!

Also; Next week we will start preparation for the Basket Sommer Skole (9-13 August for those already wanting to schedule their diaries) and we will start communicating about this event soon.

We hope to be able to share positive news regarding the training situation after April 11, at this date the kommune will provide us with an update regarding the applicable restrictions. Lets hope that the situation will be improved to the extent we can do some actual training again, whether it is inside or outside!

For now, I wish you all a happy Easter!