Pirates Cup

Pirates Cup 2023

25. February 2023

Pirates Cup 2023

The Pirates Cup 2023 registration has opened, and we are hoping to see many of our teams participate at the tournament again this year!

The Pirates cup will take place from Friday 26 May 17:00 to Monday 29 May (Pinse helg).
We will not know the exact playing schedules until closer to these dates, so we should be mindful that we might have to play already from 17:00 on the Friday and schedule travel accordingly.

To All;
if you are unsure, please check with your coach, whether your team is planning on going to the Pirates cup 2023.

The club has reserved at Thon Partner Hotel Parken but there also is an option for staying at a local school. Please discuss with your lagleder/coach what option is preferred.

For a reservation at a local school, the team needs to decide quickly to ensure availability.

For the hotel there are 1-4 people rooms available, if the team is staying at the hotel, the lagleder/coach will ultimately decide who stays in what room.

Hotel:  In terms of payment, from previous experience we found it is easiest if the money is collected by one person (lagleder or coach preferably) who will pay for the costs on the final day.
With a contribution of 600 NOK per person per night (Frokostbuffet is included ) the cost for the rooms is covered, and any money left over can be used to help cover the stay of the coaches!

School: The cost for staying at a local school is 700,- NOK per person (for hele oppholdet).
Hva som inngår i skoleovernatting:

– Overnatting på hardt gulv i klasserom/gymsal (ta med egne underlag og soveposer)
– Mulighet for bruk av skolekjøkken (viktig at man vasker opp etter bruk)
– Avhengig av skole er det dusj og kjøleskap tilgjengelig (kapasiteten på kjøleskap er veldig lite, særlig med mange boende lag – oppbevaring av mat og drikke i kjøleskap er på eget ansvar)

If anyone has difficulties with covering the cost of staying at the tournament;
Nesodden IF might be able to contribute through the “Kiwanisfondet”.
Please follow the instructions on this page to apply: Nesodden Idrettsforening (nesoddenif.no)

NIF Bobcats kindly asks that parents will be considerate for the hotel costs that our coaches will be making (which are not covered by the club). It would be fantastic if the lagledere could organise together with the Pirates Cup participants to cover the costs for the hotel room for your coach, who are putting in their free time to make this happen!

To our coaches & lagledere;
Please send an e-mail to zoran@bobcats.no if your team/teams wish to participate at the Pirates cup, so we can book the PC2023.

Questions that I would like to see answered;
– Will you be staying at the hotel, or prefer to stay at a school?
– Will any parents be travelling with their children? Who want to use our hotel reservation?

Nesodden IF bobcats will pay for the entry of the team at the tournament. The member participants will be paying for their hotel stay.

For information about the Pirates Cup 2023 please visit: Pirates Cup